Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's Up With Wordle?

Okay, this rocks. I recently came across the website Wordle and have been fascinated with it ever since.

Here's what you do: put a bunch of text (anything you like) into a box and the site turns it into, well, a wordle. What's a wordle? It's one of these: Word art! And you can manipulate the colors, etc. right on the site. Don't get me wrong - I didn't align all the words and turn them on their sides and choose the font and all that. The site does that automatically in just a few seconds.

Don't like what you see? Just keep hitting the "randomizer" button until one pops up that suits you.

You can also plug a URL into the box on the site and it will generate a wordle based on what it finds there.

Here's one based on this blog:

(Note to self: stop using the word "like" so much.)
And here's the same URL in another form:

There are lots of ideas on the site, as well as a gallery of wordles that other people have created. If you're like me (sorry for that), you're already thinking of the things you can do with this little website, such as kid projects, logos, cover art and, of course, break-up notes.
Like this one:

Need to send a brief note to a colleague? Wordle's there for you:
Hey, no one said art was painless.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Funny. Also the third massive time sink I'v come across this morning. It's a cosmic sign that I need to turn off the computer.

Karen said...

I've got to try this--it looks so cool.

But I'm afraid, very afraid, that you will never hear from me again. . . . .

Big Blue Frog said...

I think it's our love of simile, because "like" showed up in mine quite prominently.