Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surprise Contest!

Crap, I Ruined the Surprise!

I'm not sure exactly what went down in Gomez's bathroom last night while we all slept, but I know a hostage situation when I see one.

Perhaps you can explain what went horribly wrong
, say, midnight-ish between the electric toothbrush and the Nintendo DS charger.

In fact - the person who comes up with
the best caption for this photo
will win his or her choice of the following:

A brand new Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener


A brand new set of Remote-Controlled Hopping Yodeling LederhosenOR

Combo Pack! Viking Helmet + Handerpants

(Yes, they'
re both brand new, too. It will be a cold day indeed when the proprietress of this blog goes into the used Handerpants business.)

Those are some prizes, huh? Talk about Sophie's choice!

Los Rules
  • Post your gut-busting photo caption in the comments section before midnight of Friday, Sept. 17.
  • Once all the comments are in, I will read them aloud to Jon Bon Jovi (not my husband's real name) without attribution. He will select the winner. If he's wrong, I will overrule his selection. (You married folks will be familiar with this dynamic.)
  • I will then contact the winner and obtain a shipping address as well as a preference of prize loot.
  • The winner and his/her bitchin' caption will be announced in an upcoming post.
  • We will all live happily ever after.
Now - take a good, long look at that photo and let 'er rip! I can't wait to read your captions!

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Anna Lefler said...


In response to the thousands of questions that have poured in through the LJKGW Multiplex switchboard today, allow me to clarify a few things:

1. Yes, this is a real contest.

2. Yes, there is such a thing as remote-controlled lederhosen.

3. You will not lose points for guessing.

4. I find that a paprika/WD-40 mixture stops the itching right away.

5. No, because the last time you borrowed it, you returned it with dull blades.

That should cover it. Thank you.

~ Anna

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Shit. I've got nothing. Nothing. Off to drink a Diet Pepsi and see if inspiration strikes.

lisahgolden said...

My caption. "The green toothbrush only LOOKS innocent."

Fragrant Liar said...

Mizz Faucet lassos Mr Toothbrush in hopes of getting a good deep cleaning.


Lola said...

Electronics bondage...who knew?

KLZ said...

Bon Jovi had spent so much time playing "Cowboy Capture" on the DS that once sentient, it had no choice but to utilize lasso action.

Jun Kitatani said...

"I could've sworn on a stack of Bibles that if the toothbrush hit the wall, the entire house would've collapsed killing us all. So I had to fashion a make-shift rig to immobilize the unstable structure. The density of the solid metal seemed the perfect anchor. It was an incredibly great idea at the time, okay!"

Lauren Cobb said...

No means no!

Unknown said...

The handerpants are definitely a must
But the bottle opener might come in handy more often
But both are fun
Life decisions like these are not fun

MOLLYC said...

I don't think I met you at the Erma Bombeck Conference, but I am going to in Ojai! So excited about attending! molly

Brutalism said...

We throw a big Oktoberfest party every year, in which windup hopping lederhosen have (naturally) been featured in the past. When my daughter was younger, she was absolutely petrified by these things. I don't know why. But I'm sure her therapist will have a field day with this down the road.

"When, exactly, did you notice that you had a fear of German leather pants?"

Jack Steiner said...

Remote controlled lederhosen would be great if they were human sized. All you'd need to do is get some sucker to wear them and bam!

Melissa said...

On reflection, Gina realised that giving Jack the "Kung Fu Fighting" singing toothbrush he so badly wanted had probably NOT been the best idea ever.

Cheryl said...

When Lorelei woke up and looked over at what she'd picked up in the night, she realized it was time to lay off the Scope.

Anonymous said...

"Well the cat's in the cradle and the faucet too,
With toothbrush blue and the cord running through.
When you finish charging better wash your hands,
Cause things tangle up here fast, man, cause things tangle up here fast."

After trying hard to add a little semantic meat to this, I've just decided that it makes about as much sense as the original.


Bama Cheryl said...

Toothy, honey? Honest, I can explain that Wii controller you found in our bed...

When Pigs Fly said...

Love the captions everyone came up with. Damn, I missed the contest. Looking forward to seeing who the winner is.

Paige said...

ug i wish id seen this way sooner! I know im super late but i still want to give you a catpion.

Caption: Electric toothbrush: "I know they call it the choking game and all but...is it supposed to be this hard to breath?"

Lavender n Lattés said...


Mouthy Housewife said...



Alexandra said...

You know, the caption that won is the perfect one to win.

STill, I wish I would've tried.

Gotta work on my self talk and self esteem.

Globe said...

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Andy Badidis said...

haha! nice!

Toothbrush doesn't want to do that job anymore! It hung itself haha!

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