Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Somewhere in Southern California - 1982

(If you don't already have a Go-Gos song running in your head, you can get one here.)

Yes, that's my paycheck.

Note barely suppressed ecstatic glee after checking out my take-home for the week.

Note burnt-orange polyester ensemble that would make Kate Moss look like a bag of doorknobs. (I actually am wearing the mandatory hat that came with the uniform, but it is so unnaturally hideous that it does not show up on film.)

I think Donna Summer said it best. So hard for it, honey.

Showcase memory evoked by this photo: Frustrated cluster of teens in burnt-orange pantsuits stealthily appropriate loathsome assistant manager's bicycle and, while creating gripping distraction in lobby with errant Filet-O-Fish sandwich, stuff said bicycle into industrial-sized trash compactor behind building, later presenting said assistant manager with dense, bicycle-ish metal cube roughly the same size (and weight) as a Big Mac.

Good times.


Beth Kephart said...


You are doing terrific posts. This blog is going to get noticed in a big way, fast. I honor the amount of time you are putting into each post.

I so appreciate you stopping by the blog that is becoming a vlog. I find I am having more fun with this new media than I might have writing another book. So for now, my writing hours are being given over to this something new.

Take care,


Karen said...

LOL--I'm rolling. You were a much braver teenager than I ever was. Trash Compactor--hilarious.

And now, thanks to you darlin', I can't get "Our Lips Are Sealed" out of my head. (And I didn't even need to click on the link). Damn you to bubblegum hell. . . .

Cassoulet Cafe said...

I worked at McDonald's my junior and senior years! However, my uniform was: black pants, red and white striped shirt, black visor. Still hideous. You had the classic look I so envied when I was 5 and wanted to work at McD's when I grew up. Then I did and got a 1990s uniform.
By the way, I think everyone's first job should be at McDs...I learned great work ethic there...we DID work SO hard for it, didn't we???

horatio salt said...

"...with dense, bicycle-ish metal cube roughly the same size (and weight) as a Big Mac." So that's what I ate! I was burping up old rubber and metal shavings for three weeks. And it took me even longer to, um, 'void' the handlebars. Yeeesh.