Monday, December 6, 2010

Sheep: It's What's For Christmas

A "Wooltide" Giveaway

If you're like me, the words "sheep" and "Christmas" are inextricably linked.

Although sheep have been witness to many important historical events...

...none comes close to this moment in history when - yes - the sheep was once again on the short-list for attendance:

A Giveaway

And so, in the spirit of "yakking it forward," I am very pleased to announce that, in association with Oxfam America and the Oxfam Collection, I am giving away a sheep.

Um, What?

You know, a sheep. About yay high with wistful brown eyes and a really thick sweater?

A Giveaway

Through the
Oxfam Collection, one can donate vital livestock and other supplies directly to the people who need it and where it will have the greatest impact with the goal of improving the lives of people living in poverty.

How It Works

Once the contest winner is selected, the sheep will be sent not to that person's houseboat/chateau/de-luxe apartment in the sky...but rather directly to an impoverished village where this little fleecy critter will change lives by allowing locals - especially women - to create their own income as well as provide wool for local textiles.

The contest winner then gets to:
  • Officially dedicate their gift to a loved one.
  • Bask in the warm holiday fuzzies of having improved the lives of some people in severe need.
  • Lord their generous philanthropy over others, which is perhaps the greatest gift of all, yes?
How Do I Enter?

Simply leave a comment below that includes some kind of sheep-related pun, the more awful the better! For example:

I know ewe can do it! (See what I did there?)

Comments must be in before noon on Sunday, December 12.

The winner will be chosen by random drawing and announced here on Monday, December 13.

Many Thanks...

To Oxfam America for inviting me to participate in this campaign to help raise awareness of their collection of charitable gifts and for providing my giveaway sheep (whom I have dubbed "Maurice").

If you find yourself at a loss for gift ideas this season, or you're interested in adding a charitable aspect to your gifting, I hope you'll take a moment to visit the Oxfam website. Here you can learn more about this organization's work to eradicate poverty and browse an extensive selection of life-changing charitable gifts.

In the meantime, I think I can speak for Maurice when I say:

Good luck!


hokgardner said...

What a wooly good idea. (I'm bad at puns)

And I'm giving away Oxfam worms over at my site -

larainydays said...

Sounds like a really sheep gift, and I'm a frugal sort. Thanks!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Yay! Love this idea!

Lori @ In Pursuit of It All said...

It's so like you to just ram this down our throats.

The shear gall of it!

If I weren't a loyal member of your flock, I wouldn't stand for it.

But since I know deep down you're really a lamb, I'll forgive you.

LTYM said...

I was going to tell you how special I think you are, but I think that sheep has sailed.

Pseudo said...

I love this gift idea.

Heather said...

I could come up with many a sheep-related pun, seeing as how I grew up on a sheep farm and am, in fact, a Former Shepherdess and all, but since I know that all sheep puns are baaaad, I'll refrain.

Kudos to you and Maurice and Oxfam. I wanna do this on my blog, too, but then my blog is in a cobwebby and mostly forsaken corner of the interwebz, so I doubt I'd qualify for the chance! This is an awesome holiday-related big of blogitude!


Bama Cheryl said...

We may be crazy, but we love ewe.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the ewemanity! It makes me feel sheepish, but have you seen The Hidalgo? He's in the Oxfam's ramtastic!

Lee said...

A sheep was relieved of his wool. It was shear embarrassment! (From my 10yo son!)

SherilinR said...

i'm going to mutton up my coat & go for a stroll, thankful that i have warm clothes & shoes to wear. i hope i don't step in any sheep on the way.

Cheryl said...

Ewe spin a great yarn about wool, Anna. As the bellwether of this flock, ewe do tend to hogg the lamblight. It's baaad to ram the herd into a pen. Shearly ewe have no bucking clue how dam hard it is write baaad puns.

Alipet813 said...

Wooldn't ewe like to let me win this gift?
Seriously, Anna this is a great giveaway. And I wouldn't pull the wool over your eyes on something like this. Ewe rock!

Alexandra said...

I feel all sheepish just coming over here for the giveaway.

I feel so baaaaad about it.


Greg Finley said...

Don't fleece Maurice....

La Belette Rouge said...

Ewe are the best!

Mommy's Wish List said...

Baaaaaaa Humbug. I was hoping for some peanut brittle.

Brutalism said...

Oh, Anna you're ovine,
You're ovine, you blow my mind,
Hey, Anna. >clap, clap< Hey, Anna.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome idea!

Karla Telega said...

I can't get pasture generosity.

For a sheep thrill, call Karla.

Immodesty Blaze said...

I have to say also that seeing the faces of spoilt children as they open a gift which turns out not to be "for them", is also rather priceless.

calloooo said...

Great gift, for sheep.

Ann Imig said...


Anonymous said...

Anna had a little sheep,
It’s named Maurice, you know.
And every pun about the breed,
Will make your chances flow.
To send that ovine to a place
So women’s incomes grow.
Now, send that puppy to a place
Where women’s incomes grow!

So make your jibes about Maurice,
And send your entries now,
Keep ‘em PG-rated, please,
Try not to have a cow.
So hard to be PG “PC” -
Not sure that I know how…
Oh, Lord I pray to be PC,
Oh, shEEp - it’s too late now!

Lil Sis Boombah said...

I can't outdo any of these puns. This is a great idea, tho. I usually give something to Heifer International this time of year since they are based here in Arkansas. Also, I'm determined to give mostly gifts that help fund some kind of cause this year. At least that way some small part of my money will be serving a worthy purpose. I'm looking for ideas...visit my blog if you can help...

purplemoon said...

There once was a girl named Anna
Whose sheep was the rage of the manor
It would spin on its feet
Let out a great bleat
And dance like M C Hammer

So in from LA he flew on a wing
Through airport security his jewels did sing
Soon he was pumped and struttin' on through
Searchin' LA for the perfect ewe
Yes it was the cloven hoofed ram-bling

sweetpea18 said...

i've always been baaaaad at puns. seriously. my husband came up with that one.
heatheranya at hotmail dot com

StuartFoot said...

Actually giggled.

Lizzie said...

wonderful giveaway! so nice to see sheep throughout our history :)