Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Here's Morticia, almost a decade ago, all snuggled up with
Jon Bon Jovi (not my husband's real name).

By the way, I reject the notion that baby smiles are nothing more than the by-products of gas bubbles. I like to think she's smiling at something funny that Mommy said.


PJ Hoover said...

So darling! I'm with you on the gas bubbles thing. My babies just thought I was awesome.
Have a great weekend!

Chat Blanc said...

how unbelievably cute is that pic?!?! so cool.

Unknown said...

Hi, Anna. I got your Goodreads message then watched your 7 minute clip at the Improv. I would never have the courage to get up in front of an audience like that. I have done one reading so far. I enjoy it but am quite nervous about doing more. Before this my bar mitzvah was my most public engagement. You were great. What part of Texas were you from?

Anonymous said...

She looks like a tiny adult, sooo cute! I think they know what's going on from the get go.