Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who's Next to Xerox Their Butt?

Things are pretty crazy here in the LJKGW offices today since we found out this morning that we've been included in the humor listings! A woo-hoo!

Yep, it's big. We're chuffed, stoked and, well, amped. Thanks, AllTop!

(Apparently the AllTop folks didn't realize that this is actually a very serious blog about people with irritable bowel syndrome and the people who love them, but I guess it's all a gray area, yes?)

I was thinking, since no one's getting any work done anyway, how about if I show you around the LJKGW complex? Here we go...

Our lobby.

Hard at work on a new post.

Yes, we have on-site daycare.

We try to think outside of this, but most stuff piles up inside.

These are left over from last year's Christmas party.

Employee break room.

Seriously, don't touch that.

These guys are next door. Not very sociable.

None of us know what this thing does.

Okay, every time I see that guy, he's on the phone. He is SO fired.

Friday is burrito day in the company cafeteria. Don't come on a Tuesday - eggplant parmesan. [shudder]

Well, that's pretty much it. Thanks for...Oh, wait, do you hear that? I gotta go! They're playing Bohemian Rhapsody - that's my song! Thanks again, AllTop! Bye!


Florinda said...

Congratulations! LA Moms Blog is on AllTop too, so you get to be there twice, which is all-awesome :-). Your blog always makes me laugh, anyway, so I guess it's a good thing that it's intentional :-D. Nice going, Anna!

PJ Hoover said...

No way! Bohemian Rhapsody is my song, too. Will you sing it karaoke with me?
Love the pictures!

Beth Kephart said...

Wait. You have to stop being so funny. Now. I can no longer afford to sit here laughing at you when I'm supposed to be working.


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Weeeeeee...congratulations! I'm totally green with envy -- or that could just be the eggplant parmesan you sent me *burp*

Oh, and I think that one thing is an industrial cappuccino machine? Really. You should just grab a cup of whatever comes out -- and then have a co-worker try it first just in case I'm wrong. hehehe

p.s. extra Woot! Woot!

Chat Blanc said...


Anna Lefler said...

Thanks, everybody!

And just a couple of extra notes...PJ, that's a big 10-4 on the karaoke...Beth, you're crackin' ME up...and angiess, I can't wait to tell the interns about their new cappuccino machine! Whee!