Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's Specials and Super-Villain Names

Band: Something for Rockets

Color: Aquamarine

Website: Fontifier
Vice: Excessive sarcasm

Tree: Chinese Berry Tree

Frozen Yogurt: Mint with chocolate sprinkles

Animal: Owl

OK, my daughter's reading a book called My All-Time Top Five and we've been going through it together. One of the chapters explains how to come up with your personal, deluxe super-scary villain name. Here's the formula:

"The" + [color of your car] + [your biggest fear]

So, for me, there are two options:

"The Silver Clown" OR "The Green Menopause"

Like I said...scary.


PJ Hoover said...

The Green Menopause! You crack me up!
yum on the mint with chocolate sprinkles! Sounds like Heaven.
Let's see:
The Blue Height
It has a nice ring to it!

Anna Lefler said...

Oooh...The Blue Height. I love that. Elegant yet menacing.

Florinda said...

Clowns are scary no matter WHAT color they are, if you ask me. And I love "social notworking."

Karen said...


As for me, we get either: "The Blue Cancer" OR "The Blue-So-Dark-It-Almost-Looks-Black Cancer."

What can I say? We have two cars.